Project List

The following projects were developed from whatever was cheaply available. Others will probably not be able to make them exactly the same but these suggestions may help. The wheels on the 4wd car for example are milk bottle caps from a local fast food chain, but suitable similar things could be found almost anywhere. Encourage children to be resourceful. It’s much more fun to build something you dreamed up yourself than to throw together a kit set that somebody else designed.

night light

paper mache landscapes

cardboard periscope

compass with map

water pipe flute

morse code practice key


chopstick rubber band gun


wooden cars

wooden crane

4wd car

photo frame


thumb piano

lemon powered calculator

home made battery checker

clay storybooks

Toy wooden tank

Simple Magnetometer Science Project Using Water as Lens

Making animated GIF graphics

Recording Earthquakes for Beginners

Search Coil Magnetometer for detecting earthquake precursors

(Some project details still to be added)


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