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Computer Game Addiction

By Graeme Keon The father’s sentence was abruptly cut off by the boy’s, “Well I don’t care! OK?!!!” shouted in a kind of sulky, “Look what you’ve done to me” tone of voice, then the “BAM!” of the slamming door. … Continue reading

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“Why don’t they teach kids to be responsible?”

On page 21 of All About Motivation to Learn, the point is made that the current education system contributes to irresponsibility in children. That if they’re allowed no control over their education, if they are not consulted, their thoughts and … Continue reading

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All About Motivation to Learn

A new book about raising and educating children After almost seven years, half of that doing the clay models, we have finally gotten this book into print. It started after I had spent a couple of years teaching English in … Continue reading

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TV or Not TV

The last thing you want in your house is a TV. As a child in the 60’s, before we got a TV, our living room at night was normally a hive of activity. We weren’t a noisy family, in spite … Continue reading

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Blog under construction

There are many past projects I want to put here. As soon as I’ve figured out how to arrange it I’ll start posting.

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